Assessments offered include

Cognitive Process Profile (CPP) which assesses a candidate’s thinking processes during an online computer simulation exercise. Subsequent to completing the assessment, a report is generated which indicates the individual’s preferred work environment as classified by the Stratified Systems Theory.


  • Well-suited as part of an executive-level selection battery,
  • Inclusion as part of management-level coaching programme.

For a more detailed overview of the CPP, visit here

Value Orientations (VO) organises a candidate’s responses to a selection of non-transparent items in a manner which makes it possible to distinguish the individual’s perceptions and decision-making schemata in an objective, non-discriminatory fashion.


  • Facilitating self-discovery,
  • Recruitment and selection (to identify the potential for effective collaboration, or the existence of possible barriers to smooth interaction, in a team context).

For a more detailed overview of the VO, visit here