The Silver Lining of

Cloud Solutions

Let us help you implement the right solution for your business

The Silver Lining of

Cloud Solutions

Let us help you implement the right solution for your business


Meshed Group offers consultation and software implementation services.

We provide advice and expertise to help you select the correct software solution that will increase efficiency and help fulfill your objectives.

Our software consultants provide solutions, using relevant software tools while thoroughly investigating your current systems and advising on the best way forward for your business. We take factors such as cost, integration, features, and scalability into account. Our business consultants make it their mission to fully understand your business structure as a means to advise on apt IT solutions that will genuinely add value to your business.


Managing Director | Meshed Group (Pty) Ltd

In 2015, I took up a job as an accounting trainee. I soon realised that this was not my true calling. I was learning to create wagons while self-driving cars were on their way. Under mentorship from a finance genius, Barne du Toit, we started a new company in 2017 called Meshed Group (Pty) Ltd.

In 2019 we were acknowledged by Sage as the Digital firm of the year in South Africa. Focusing on automation and optimisation of finance systems, the company quickly grew to one of the most renowned advisory firms in Cloud Adoption and App advisory. We have since become a Xero only integration partner, focusing on integrations and application advisory. My main focus is to enable firms with the best cloud application available. I strive to automate mundane, repetitive tasks so that advisors and accountants can focus on high-value tasks.

To this day, Barne is still my Mr. Miyagi. I am fond of the most difficult tasks and spending time automating them. In my spare time, I enjoy craft beer and biltong. Obstacle courses are on my bucket list every year.

Strategic Partner | Spark Consulting

I’m a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA and 20 years’ experience in all facets of a business. I have worked with SMME businesses in various sectors and listed companies, specifically in the fields of IT, Senior Management, Business Development and Strategy. Most notably, I have been instrumental in growing private education businesses throughout South Africa, implementing and working with all the essential ingredients that any small business will need to be successful.

Spark Consulting works with a select group of high-quality suppliers and partners to ensure that we deliver on any expectation that the new business owner might have. We understand how painful and daunting setting up a new business can be. Let us do the hard work for you and get your business up and running.

Strategic Partner |

I’m an Industrial Engineer with global experience in business improvement and process automation in various industries, ranging from financial services, retail, film production and hospitality to wood processing and even accounting. I do custom process automation that improves customer experience and allows you to scale your operations.

My cloud-based, low-code approach allows for rapid re-design and deployment of agile automation that increases capacity, reduces costs, and establishes control.  I save clients from inefficient processes, misaligned applications, and dead-end legacy business systems.

I am based in Cape Town, South Africa and enjoy SUP surfing when I find a gap.

Senior Project Manager | Meshed Group (Pty) Ltd

I’m the Senior Project Manager at Meshed Group (Pty) Ltd. I’m responsible for the planning, organizing and directing the completion of projects while ensuring these projects are on time, on budget and within scope. I’m a no-nonsense, reliable, honest and self-motivated individual who values a good working environment and working towards something meaningful while offering a quality service to clients. I’m a hammer among the nails. Let me guide you with your next influential project.

I enjoy hiking, camping, and exploring new places in my spare time.  I am an animal lover who adores my two kittens named Japie and Wolf.

Support & Implementation Specialist | Meshed Group (Pty) Ltd

I am an Agricultural Economist with a Hons degree in Agricultural Economics. I have done, impact studies and research, data analysing, business planning, business development and strategy, drone mapping and developing, and agricultural business consulting.
I am a reliable and hardworking person, that strives towards excellent service. A good challenge is my favourite task.
I enjoy horse riding, cooking, and fine red wine.

Visual Design Partner | NavyBlossomStudio

I’m a digital designer and I help clients give form and function to their ideas.
My expertise lies in early stages of concept graphic design all the way to a functional website and everything in between. I tend to keep designs clean, simple and functional. Complex ideas can be communicated real simple through good design.
I strongly relate to Shaker Philosophy:
Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful –
but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.


We are a company that focuses on offering high-level support on Cloud Solutions. We strive to enable maximum productivity for our clients in the most efficient manner. Why should anyone aim for anything below the clouds? Founded and launched by Juan Visser, the company quickly became one of the leading cloud advisory firms. Our success is achieved through rigorous, successful implementations supporting our clients in getting the most out of their software. We attracted like-minded individuals to come on board, enabling us to expand various services from integration services and report writing to ad hoc services relating to software use and financials.

Whether you’re revving your engines as a start-up or cruising at a steady altitude as an enterprise, we’ll boost your business while putting your interests first. With us, your business is revolutionised with the latest innovative software to assist you through your daily business activities.

Process Discovery

Process Discovery guides Enterprises worldwide in choosing the right and relevant systems to automate and maximize the value of automation.

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Software Migration Assistance

Our consultants are well equipped to assist you with change management. We do not sell software, we sell peace of mind.

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Cloud Application Advisory

We do thorough research based on your needs and revert back with the best app stack applicable to your business.

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) leverages software and services to transform data into actionable insights that inform an organisation’s business decisions.

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Take your business to the next level in the cloud by integrating apps that will help you automate, gain insight and grow.

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Robotic Process Automation

RPA helps businesses automate manual multi-step tasks that are completed in high volume.

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